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day 3

10:40 pm:

 since my last entry, not very much has changed. i now have a cell phone(handy), you can call me dial 8179338189, please think of time difference of 7 hours. we accompanied joel attending some businesses,me and austin, but it was really fun...we are just kidding around the whole time doing stuff, teen-agers just do even though we dont know each other for more than 3 days. we get along very well, same interests, same taste of girls and we like the same music. our cell phone contract says we can send as much sms as we want to, so we are just messaging each other telling a lot of weird stuff, but it is so much fun. im looking forward to tomorrow afternoon. we will go on a trip to livingston lake, waterpark, for 4 days. austin says it is really fun there and i hope it will be. today, i guess, was the most unhealthiest day in my life. starting with eating the rest of patties for breakfast, subway sandwiches for lunch and hamburgers for dinner. in between we took chips, risps, ice cream and chocolate. but when school starts i am going to have training every day at least 2 hours, to re-get in shape. austin and me spent the whole evening out in the pool playing basketball, it is so muh fun to hang around with him and i will get accquainted to all his freinds when school starts. today i tried to focus on how they use there language and it differs more from what i learned then i thought before, but i will figure out more about that later.  

28.2.05 17:13

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