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the first days

after 13 hours of horror, cold and lonliness i eventually made it to step into a new life. it seemed as if all sorrows disappeard just in a fraction of a second when i was welcomed in such a lovely way i couldnt even have dreamed of beforehand. paige, austin and joel weere wating for me raising a sign saying "basti henslee, welcome to your new home"...even though i never saw them in my life, i felt familiarized and started talking shyless. after a short stop at sam's (like the metro in BS), we arrived at our home. it is awesome. i was really shocked looking at it, knowing that this was were i was going to live the next 10 months. everything looks perfect (except of the internet connection, it could be a bit faster ). after getting accquainted to the area we went to paiges sisters place in order to bbq there. i got to know a part of the family...and everybody is so nice: its awesome. austin is freaking cool, its really fun to hang around with him and his best friend blake - hes so funny. after that 31 hours day i was really exhausted and just wanted to sleep and my new bed. somehow everybody was very tired thus we missed church. when i got up at 11.30 everybody was preparing the next bbq with the family. i tried to help as much i can was fun...just everything was fun, the burgers were awesome and the homemade-butterfinger-icecream was touching your innerst desires because of its lovely and strong flavor. by the way, they were enjoying the sweets i brought as little children - sweeeeet(as austin would say). we spent the whole day at the pool eating, drinking and playing basketball - just enjoying life. againg the whole family was present, it was so much fun to meet all those different kinds of people and the way they treat each other. in the evening we ( austin, taylor(a girl playing soccer(!!!))) went to the cinema, in order to watch rush hour 3 - it was really funny. returning home we watched the next movie, shooter, it was very complicated and anyhow i couldnt follow it so i fall asleep. again i slept really good and deep after another day of getting new experiences and a lot of fun. this morning i just chilled on the couch waiting for joel to come back, in order to attend some businesses. he has just arrived, so i need to leave, see you next days


13.8.07 19:21

en route

3:09 pm

today was the firts day we went to church. that was fun, getting to know so much people and all of them are so friendly. by now we are packing our things for the next 4 days, we spend in "slitterbahn", a waterpark. so i will write afterwards what it was basti

14.8.07 22:13


8/19 12.47 am

okay, finally we made it to finish our trip. our trip started after my last entry, til now, meaning that the last 4 days has been full of fun and new experiences. we went to schlitterbahn (a waterpark, like theme park, but with water), saw a cave, rafted a wild-water-river, ate mexican, italian and chinese, went shopping (all in all i spent 300$) and chilled in our pretty luxurious apartment. the trip increased the relationship between us, i start to feel save and home, even though there are a few people i miss so much. we had our first political conversation (they are democrats, didnt elect bush) and i was really impressed by their interest in all kinda cultural things. it is somehow a pleasure to see them being conscious of the weak points in their system, but of course i started noticing points of their system i really apreciate. i am more and more looking forward to my new soccer training, which will be every day at least two hours. i should sleep now, because its gonna be church tomorrow and i must get up in 7 hours. cu

19.8.07 08:05

sunday 8/19

8:37 am

yesterday was pretty cool, except getting up at 7 am. we went to church and sunday school. church differs totally to ours, we sang the whole time and it was even a bit fun. after that we went home and tidied up our boat. we packed everything, we needed, in order to spend the afternoon on a lake wakeboarding, kneeboarding and tubing. everything was so much fun. in between we had a bbq with the church. i want to learn kneeboarding, you can do so many tricks its awesome. cu

20.8.07 15:47


9:42 pm

yesterday we went again with the boat on a sea, that was awesome. i learned how to knee-and wakeboard, its so much fun. further i got to know my school, looks as the ones you see on tv i got acquainted to seaver, my brothers best friend. hes so fun, and right now he is gonna to spend the second night in rope at our house.

today we went to hurricane harbor, a waterpark in dallas fort worth. we were austin, taylor and kelly (cousins), blake, seaver and me. that was freakin ridiculous. kelly is 18 so she is allowed to drive, but even though we drove couple of times aside the road cu

22.8.07 04:53

22, 23/8

lingering on the couch, watching movies was the main contence of the whole day, til 17.30. it was wednesday-that means:church day-but different then last sunday. it was just the jouth, meeting at a room, somewhere at the basement of the church. first i thought like oh gosh what the hek is that, but atually it was fun...we played games, did funny stuff and eventually worshiped. after that austin and seaver brought me to a place called park, where the mexicans are used to play soccer. some of them were quite good, but in the mid-20s. i think it could have been funner if i have had schoes fitting, but even though they didnt it was fun. afterwords i went with seaver to his place and we played ps2 and wathed movies the whole night long, that was pretty fun. the next morning, there was once more not than lingering around...until paige could me (@3pm) where i was. joel piked me up and introdued me to couple of people, we met. after 2-3 hours of travelling across cleburne, i was home and could dress for playing soccer again with the mexicans. tonight we won every game...that was fun coming home we ate and watched, the mystic river(that is actually 20 minutes ago). now im gonna watch sleepers til i tenderly slip in my dreams. cu

24.8.07 08:10

mein erster schultag

9.52 pm

heute war mein erster schultag. ich weiss jetzt was es heisst nach der schule nach hause zu kommen und man hat keine zeit sich auszuruhen. nach der schule war ich um 4.30 pm zuhause, seit dem unterwegs und jetzt total erschoepft hier schreiben. da ich denke dass es nicht weniger wird habe ich beschlossen alles auf deutsch von nun an zu schreiben, ferner nicht mehr jeden tag schule war klasse. die atmosphaere ist viel viel viel besser als in deutshland, lehrer und schueler sind fast eine einheit, oeoeoeoe maht schon spassss. irgendwie war der total trubel um mich wegen was aus deutschkland etc. pp. das war fast schon nervig, aber hey es gibt schlimmeres. als erstes hatte ich franz und ich sage dir, die sah aus wie malz in fett...das is echt unglaublich. danach hatte ich kunst, englisch und mathe. mathe is so richtig bilig. US geschichte, was wir danach haben, wird von coach kylm unterrichtet, fast haette ich trainiert gesagt. er erinnert mich an isoeinen offizier bums. dann chemie, mit krueger in duenn :D in der letzten, siebten, stunde hatte ich soccer, aber nur theoretisch, ab morgen geht praxis los. der coach is sau geil...wirkt sau chillich. naja wir werden sehen wies wird. cu

28.8.07 05:04

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