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the first days

after 13 hours of horror, cold and lonliness i eventually made it to step into a new life. it seemed as if all sorrows disappeard just in a fraction of a second when i was welcomed in such a lovely way i couldnt even have dreamed of beforehand. paige, austin and joel weere wating for me raising a sign saying "basti henslee, welcome to your new home"...even though i never saw them in my life, i felt familiarized and started talking shyless. after a short stop at sam's (like the metro in BS), we arrived at our home. it is awesome. i was really shocked looking at it, knowing that this was were i was going to live the next 10 months. everything looks perfect (except of the internet connection, it could be a bit faster ). after getting accquainted to the area we went to paiges sisters place in order to bbq there. i got to know a part of the family...and everybody is so nice: its awesome. austin is freaking cool, its really fun to hang around with him and his best friend blake - hes so funny. after that 31 hours day i was really exhausted and just wanted to sleep and my new bed. somehow everybody was very tired thus we missed church. when i got up at 11.30 everybody was preparing the next bbq with the family. i tried to help as much i can was fun...just everything was fun, the burgers were awesome and the homemade-butterfinger-icecream was touching your innerst desires because of its lovely and strong flavor. by the way, they were enjoying the sweets i brought as little children - sweeeeet(as austin would say). we spent the whole day at the pool eating, drinking and playing basketball - just enjoying life. againg the whole family was present, it was so much fun to meet all those different kinds of people and the way they treat each other. in the evening we ( austin, taylor(a girl playing soccer(!!!))) went to the cinema, in order to watch rush hour 3 - it was really funny. returning home we watched the next movie, shooter, it was very complicated and anyhow i couldnt follow it so i fall asleep. again i slept really good and deep after another day of getting new experiences and a lot of fun. this morning i just chilled on the couch waiting for joel to come back, in order to attend some businesses. he has just arrived, so i need to leave, see you next days


13.8.07 19:21

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