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8/19 12.47 am

okay, finally we made it to finish our trip. our trip started after my last entry, til now, meaning that the last 4 days has been full of fun and new experiences. we went to schlitterbahn (a waterpark, like theme park, but with water), saw a cave, rafted a wild-water-river, ate mexican, italian and chinese, went shopping (all in all i spent 300$) and chilled in our pretty luxurious apartment. the trip increased the relationship between us, i start to feel save and home, even though there are a few people i miss so much. we had our first political conversation (they are democrats, didnt elect bush) and i was really impressed by their interest in all kinda cultural things. it is somehow a pleasure to see them being conscious of the weak points in their system, but of course i started noticing points of their system i really apreciate. i am more and more looking forward to my new soccer training, which will be every day at least two hours. i should sleep now, because its gonna be church tomorrow and i must get up in 7 hours. cu

19.8.07 08:05

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