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22, 23/8

lingering on the couch, watching movies was the main contence of the whole day, til 17.30. it was wednesday-that means:church day-but different then last sunday. it was just the jouth, meeting at a room, somewhere at the basement of the church. first i thought like oh gosh what the hek is that, but atually it was fun...we played games, did funny stuff and eventually worshiped. after that austin and seaver brought me to a place called park, where the mexicans are used to play soccer. some of them were quite good, but in the mid-20s. i think it could have been funner if i have had schoes fitting, but even though they didnt it was fun. afterwords i went with seaver to his place and we played ps2 and wathed movies the whole night long, that was pretty fun. the next morning, there was once more not than lingering around...until paige could me (@3pm) where i was. joel piked me up and introdued me to couple of people, we met. after 2-3 hours of travelling across cleburne, i was home and could dress for playing soccer again with the mexicans. tonight we won every game...that was fun coming home we ate and watched, the mystic river(that is actually 20 minutes ago). now im gonna watch sleepers til i tenderly slip in my dreams. cu

24.8.07 08:10

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